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Gallon Tom The Cruise of the Make-Believes

Emily Smith The Tom Cruise Handbook - Everything you need to know about

Aldrich Thomas Bailey The Cruise of the Dolphin

Jack London The Cruise of the Dazzler

Don Marquis The Cruise of the Jasper B

Джек Лондон The Cruise of the Snark

Джек Лондон The Cruise of the Dazzler

Duncan Norman The Cruise of the Shining Light

Джек Лондон The Cruise of the Dazzler

Джек Лондон The Cruise of the Snark

Ralph Stock The Cruise of the Dream Ship

Stables Gordon The Cruise of the Snowbird: A Story Arctic Adventure

James Ewing Ritchie The Cruise of the Elena: or, Yachting in Hebrides

Stratemeyer Edward Dave Porter in the South Seas: or, The Strange Cruise of Stormy Petrel

Fenn George Manville Hunting the Skipper: The Cruise of «Seafowl» Sloop

Peter Ransley The King’s List

What price betrayal? The bloody saga of revolution and republicanism reaches its climax in the final instalment of the Tom Neave trilogy.1659. Tom Neave, now Lord Stonehouse and feared spymaster for the republic, must do what he can to maintain the reins of power. With Oliver Cromwell dead, a ruthless struggle for control of the country begins.A Royalist rebellion is easily put down, but is of concern for Tom – his son Luke is among those imprisoned. Having been freed by his father and back with his family, Luke claims he is disillusioned with the Royalist cause. But can Tom trust him? Pre-occupied by his son’s uncertain allegiance, by the distant, manipulative behaviour of his beloved wife Anne, and by rumours of his treacherous father Richard, Tom is ill at ease. His own long-buried secrets threaten to erupt, with irrevocable consequences.As the struggle for power in England becomes more urgent, rumours abound of the return of the exiled king. Copies of the ‘King’s List’ are in circulation – the names of those who signed the death warrant of the late king, of which Tom is one. While an army marches on London, the fate of the nation – and that of Tom and his family – lies at stake.

329.56 RUR



Stables Gordon The Cruise of the Land-Yacht «Wanderer»: or, Thirteen Hundred Miles in my Caravan

Stratemeyer Edward The Last Cruise of the Spitfire: or, Luke Foster's Strange Voyage

Kingston William Henry Giles The Cruise of the Frolic

R. W. Coppinger Cruise of the 'Alert'

Thomas Bailey Aldrich Cruise of the Dolphin

Cruise of the Dolphin by Thomas Bailey Aldrich libreka classics – These are classics of literary history, reissued and made available to a wide audience. Immerse yourself in well-known and popular titles!

78.43 RUR



Gayle M. The Hope Family Calendar

Tom Hope is broken. Ever since his wife Laura died he hasn't been the same man, and definitely not the same father. Luckily for Tom his mother-in-law Linda is around to pick up the pieces and look after his two struggling daughters, Evie and Lola. But Tom getting arrested on the first anniversary of his wife's death is the last straw for Linda. In a last bid attempt to make Tom reconnect with his daughters she takes drastic action and leaves for Australia. With two fast-maturing daughters Tom has to learn how to accept his responsibilities and navigate the newly dicovered world of single fatherhood - starting immediately. With only himself to rely on, will Tom fall back into grief or finally step up and be the father his girls need?

558 RUR



Beatrix Potter Tale of Tom Kitten, The

In The Tale of Tom Kitten, three cats must wash and dress for tea. However, when their mother is grooming him, young Tom Kitten is very naughty and scratches her! How will his mother punish Tom for being so naughty? The eleventh of Beatrix Potter's 22 charmingly illustrated tales of animals in amusing situations, The Tale of Tom Kitten has served as a warning to naughty children since its release in 1907.

351.5 RUR




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